Mutual Funds With Free Insurance Cover

Mutual Funds With Free Insurance Cover


Buy It When You 're Young


If you are young and are working,then it is the perfect time to get yourself adequately insured.Why now?Because,contrary to what most of us believe,it makes both economic and common sense to do so.Since the premium amount of any insurance policy is largely based on the age of the insured,as your age increases,the premiums for similar insurance coverage would move up.For example,if at 25you need to pay rs 1,500 toget coverage worth rs 5 lakh,for the same policy,you will have to pay rs2,200 at 30.Moreover,as your age increases,the probability of catching common ailments like hypertension,diabetes,etc.,increases which may either make your insurance costly or finding the right insurance difficult.Secondly,evenif you are young,you may have dependant parents whose financial needs must be protected in your absence.For avoid this types of confusion to consult the Best Mutual Fund Advisor clarify your doubts before your investing in stocks. 



Insurance Benefits For Whom?


Buying insurance is important but more important is to specify the rightnominee to your policy so that in case of an unforeseen incident,the benifit reaches the appropriate person.There have been many horrifying experiences in the past where the absence of a clear nominee has resulted in tedious courtoom battles.Therefore,While filling up the form,it is prudent to clearly specify the nominee details.If you want the monetary benefit to be distributed among two or three family mambers then specify the distribution percentage along with the details.If you are unmarried then your parents become your natural nominees Whereas for married individuals,spouse and childrenare heirs.So change your nomination once you change your maritalstatus.If you assign a nomination to a minor then you will also need to nominate at any point during the policy by informing your insure.


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