The Value Of Your Financial Planner

If You Need the help of Financial Planner,Select the One Who the Best track Record that youo can afford;Don't opt for the Cheapest one Which your research has thrown up.It's only natural to want "value for Money".But Keep in Mind that the term"value for Money".Sometimes, in fact more often than not,We get so focussed on the "Money" that We have to pay Out that we forget to evaluate the "value"that it Will Bring in.So we land up with SOmething that Costs little and Delivers Still less in terms of value.Yet we are discerning in a few cases. When it is a question of your health(or the health of loved one), you gives you good Service;Similarly,when you choose a school for your Kids,you want the best quality education,not the one that charges the lowest fee.We see these as intangible investments,not expenses. So,why not opt for a Financial Planner who may charge more but has the potential Planner who may charge more but has the potential to increase your finances manifold rather than one who charges less and adds little value to your Wealth?



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