No Emotions,We're Stocks - 2018 Online Share Broking Tricks


Investing is all about risk and return,Whether it is stocks or bonds or even physical assets,such as gold and real estate.These twin criteria are the guiding factors which determine your choice of an investment and your entry and exit levels.Risk will have a greater role to play in the choice of investment while return parameters play an equally important role in both choosing which investment and deciding when to invest and disinvest.If you have alredy decided to invest in stocks and singled out which ones to invest in,set stop losses to limit your downside and deside on a very clear target at which to exit.When you reach your exit target,there's no harm reviewing your stop loss and target exit point but make sure that if you decide to re-adjust them,it is based on very rational reasons.If your re-adjustment is based on "I Feel that the market could go higher",it's a perfect example of being irrational!


"The Markets are always on the Side of exuberance or fear.It's fear and greed."


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